Do you know what happens to your luxury property when it is left unattended?

Nobody wishes to come home to a leaky roof, broken AC unit, or dirty pool, but how can those issues be prevented if the property is left unattended? Home Management is the answer!

Home management can be simple, yet so many homeowners tend to put it off until something breaks which leads to timely and costly repairs that could easily be avoided.

Leaving your property unattended and being unaware of what occurs while you are gone can be an uneasy thought, 

At IPC, we care about your home as if it were our own, so we prepared a list of the 5 main Home Management topics you should be aware of 

  • Exterior maintenance 

Miami’s high temperatures, constant humidity, and unpredictable weather can cause exterior paint to blister, crack, or peel. These damages cause the quality of the paint to be compromised and damaged. Regularly keeping up with the exterior paint will help in the prevention of moisture damage, wood rot, and other weather-change related issues. 

  • Renovation Project 

Managing a home renovation while being states away is not an ideal situation. Strangers in and out the property, being unaware of the real progress made, and getting charged for unnecessary services are all issues that could be avoided. Hiring a trusted team that will assist and oversee any renovation will guarantee the termination of the project with full satisfaction. 

  • Cleaning services

When returning to a seasonal property that has been unattended for a long period of time, no homeowner wants to spend their beach days cleaning and tidying up their home. Regular housekeeping services will ensure that the home is clean, tidy, and ready upon arrival. 

  • Repairs around the home

Broken air conditioning units, leaky roofs, and damaged appliances are some of the most common drawbacks for seasonal homeowners. However, regular preventive checkups could detect any arising problems in the home and be promptly dealt with, saving both money and stress. 

  • Inclement weather preparation 

Hurricanes and tropical storms are a yearly occurrence that Miami homeowners should always be prepared for. Securing the property, picking up patio furniture, and staying updated about weather updates should be the first steps homeowners take to prepare themselves and their homes. Out of state homeowners should contact a Property Management team that will take care of any weather-related complications and bring the clients peace of mind. 

Looking for a Property Management company?

Avoid all the inconveniences that may arise when leaving your property unattended while you enjoy the many activities Miami has to offer. Our Home Management team gets your property up and running, and can create a tailored-made service packet to attend the needs of your home. At IPC, we worry so you don’t have to.

If you need a company that takes care of your property in Miami, and provides you peace of mind while being away, contact us.

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