At IPC, we pride ourselves in our collaboration with realtors and brokers around the Miami area, to guarantee the complete satisfaction of our clients. We will provide you and your client with peace of mind about their real estate holding with reliable, low cost, and consistently high quality services.

Our objective is to administer our clients’ Home Management needs while creating an alliance between you and us, to bring peace of mind to our clients regarding any property concern that may arise. We don’t see ourselves as your competition, on the contrary, we value and respect your hard work and see your success as ours.

IPC is solely a Home Management Company, and we do not claim to be a real estate agency. If any client requires any real estate assistance, we will contact their original realtor and leave any real estate talk to the experts!

Sharing our services with your clientele will be a positive reflection of the thorough and dedicated method by which you retain clients and gain new referrals. We are willing to create a “No Competition” contract, to guarantee that we will not offer your client any real estate service once they start working with us.

IPC can assist your client with numerous services from a simple delivery to the supervision of a full renovation, freeing your time and theirs.

  1. Our approach as representatives of your clients include:
  2. Accept and evaluate deliveries of furniture, appliances, and much more
  3. Accompany repairmen and secure the house afterwards
  4. Observe and routinely report (graphically and verbally) on renovation projects
  5. Help in the billing of rental properties
  6. Check the home of an absent owner on a routine basis
  7. Looking for a Property Management company?

Avoid all the inconveniences that may arise when leaving your property unattended while you enjoy the many activities Miami has to offer. Our Home Management team gets your property up and running, and can create a tailored-made service packet to attend the needs of your home. At IPC, we worry so you don’t have to.

If you need a company that takes care of your property in Miami, and provides you peace of mind while being away, contact us.

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