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IPC is a full-service property management company that provides an array of services. We meet our clients’ needs keeping their homes as they want them to be.

At an affordable hourly or monthly rate depending on their needs, our high-level and consistent service is unmatched by other service companies.

A tailor-made variety of services to take care of all property needs, IPC’s House Management is our service package for the regular maintenance of your home.

This service may include cleaning sessions, exterior maintenance, minor repairs, supervision of the work performed by third parties, such as pool maintenance companies, landscaping, pest control; as well as plumbers, electricians, IT technicians, alarm company or any on-call service needed. 

Acting as a concierge or house manager, IPC can easily take care of tasks such as grocery shopping, picking up dry cleaning, delivering flowers, making reservations, vehicle maintenance, delivery acceptance, and so much more.

We can also help with the coordination of furniture and appliance delivery and installation.

IPC provides a monitoring service for absentee homeowners who feel safer having a watchful, trusted person ensuring their property is safe and cared for.

We will work with you to create a checklist to monitor your property while you are away, conducting regular checks of the premises weekly, bi-weekly, or at your request.

At IPC Miami Beach, we train our cleaning service team to ensure we deliver high-quality services at all times. Whichever the frequency of your choosing is, we will make sure that your home is clean, tidy, and ready for you.

We oversee each job to make sure everything is conducted professionally and to ensure proper care was given to every piece of furniture and appliance. We also offer in and out-of-site laundry service as well as closet organization

This is an “a la carte” service available for the coordination and management of repairs and installations jobs in your home, which includes speaking with the technicians and making sure that the job has been completed correctly.

Whenever issues arise, we will always contact you with potential solutions to resolve the problem quickly and efficiently.

At IPC, we will assist you in overseeing and managing your renovation project at a fraction of the average cost of a contractor.

We will also work with you to understand the scope of the project, look for the right vendors, and help you see the project through.

Building management is a variety of services to perform day-to-day operations. IPC will be responsible for maintaining the property and ensuring that it is up to the board of directors’ and homeowners’ standards by providing cleaning, maintenance, simple repairs, and other routinary maintenance services.

IPC offers you services to secure your property from inclement weather events such as hurricanes and tropical storms, providing you extensive assistance prior to and after all threats subside. We stay when everyone else leaves.

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