Hurricane Season

Hurricane Season

Hurricane season is here. As we all know, hurricanes can bring many hazards to coastlines and inland areas including storm surge, flooding, strong winds and large waves. As the season begins, planning and preparing ahead are key elements and can play a big role in safety and recovery after the threats subside. Determining potential dangers and damage that could occur based on your location and having a plan on how to handle them it is always suggested. At IPC Miami Beach, we have dealt with numerous hurricanes over the years and have helped in early preparedness and securing of homes of clients. We encourage everyone to plan ahead of time if major threats were to arise in your area and to closely follow local authorities orders. In addition to that, all weather updates can be followed at NOAA weather station or website for updates on weather conditions and any incoming dangerous storms or hurricanes.
We would like to share with you a 7 step guide on preparedness that we execute under our Inclement Weather Preparation and Recovery program:

1. Make a plan with client
Plan ahead with your family for a potential incoming hurricane in case evacuation is needed. If evacuation should become necessary, rest assured that we would turn off all utilities for you and take care of the rest of the steps that follow for you.

2. Supplies
We make sure to gather all necessary supplies according to property’s needs for securing and protection of assets such as sand bags, water barriers, flooring covers, furniture covers and so on.

3. Secure the exterior of your property
Trim large trees and shrubs and bring all outside patio furniture, potted plants, bikes and toys indoors. Securing of outdoor sculptures or any hanging element that could become a projectile or be hazardous otherwise.

4. Check wall art
Make sure wall hangings are secure and take notes about your art collection and any existing damage. Make sure that art hung on outside walls are taken inside, and elevated off the floor and taken to an upper level to secure from flooding. We also arrange art to be stored in vaults with controlled temperature and security upon request.

5. Vehicles
We make sure to move cars to higher ground or to park them against garage doors.

6. Power up
We fill your car’s gas tank, test generators to make sure they are ready in case of power outages.

7. Unplug appliances
Move appliances and household fixtures away from exterior doors and window openings. Store them in cabinets or interior closets. After all threats subside, we return to your property and inspect of any damages.
Then we start to work on setting everything back to place by mobilizing vendors and our team members to reshape your property as it was as quickly as possible. Rest assured, we are the last to leave before the storm and the first to show up after.

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* For more information on how to prepare please visit Miami Dade’s latest publication
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