The disruption to our normal frenzy of activities since the “stay home” order was implemented,
allowed me to take a break to get a closer look at the homeless of Miami Beach.

When only essential workers and businesses had the immense responsibility of working to keep our city running, it was easy to see those who lived on the streets. Some were sitting while others walked our most visited streets, from Washington Avenue to Downtown.

Some of the homeless were older people, others were young, of different ethnicities and races. I
could feel in all of them the same lost gazes, sad faces, and a feeling of hopelessness.

I felt blessed and in need to contribute my help to our society. I started by buying them meals as I
walked the streets, which led me to think of a more consistent way to give back.

We are all aware of the existence of homeless people on the streets of Miami, but emptying those streets of walking tourists, fully packed restaurants and hotels, increased the dramatic reality about them.

Because of this situation, some friends and I were motivated to invest some of our time, collect
donations, and help to organize these charity events where we can feed at least 100 homeless on
every event we do.

The event, named “A Smile for A Smile”, consists of a simple sandwich menu with water and a snack given with a smile. This event aims to get a smile in return.

While these difficult times, due to the pandemic, I encourage you to follow a healthy diet, exercise often, and keep positive thinking to keep your immune system strong.

Hopefully, soon we will
enjoy streets full of visitors but our contribution will continue adding to our City.

Finally, I would like to thank each person who contributed to this cause (friends, colleagues,
clients, and local businesses who donate supplies).

Thank you to you all.

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