What IPC services include full time employment?

Depending on your service agreement, we’ll attend any request you might have at your property, or we can offer you a full time maintenance person to always keep your home in order.

What do you mean when you give attention your home needs when you are not there?

IPC is designed to provide property management services for absent homeowners. This means we assist with home maintenance while you’re away to ensure that your home is running as you need it to. We’re on call for any request, regularly maintain your home and watch for any issues that could occur while you’re away so you’re always in the know about what is happening with your home.

I have my own vendors, can you use them or do I have to use your vendors?

We can use any vendors you’d like to work on any repair or maintenance in your home. If you don’t have a vendor, we are happy to recommend one. We’re happy to contact vendors, grant them access to the property, oversee the work and report back to you when completed. Of course, we can use your vendors to attend any repair or maintenance, we can contact them and grand access to the property and will keep report back to you.

Do you have trusted and reliable vendors?

Yes, we do. With twelve years of property management experience, we have had the opportunity and privilege to work with some of the best in the business. Combined with our supervision and knowledge, our network of responsible and reliable vendors always provide the best results.

How long do I have to sign a contract for?

Our service agreements do not require a long term agreement. Once we determine the services, you can cancel at any time with 30 days notice. We call Services Agreement, its not a contract where you need to sign for a year, its just an agreement between us, when you can terminate any time giving us 30 days notice.

I see I have different service options, do I have to select them all?

You select the services you need. The main service we offer is that of a house manager, where we take instructions from you based on your needs and the needs of the property. We can perform these services on an hourly or monthly basis.

Do you manage long term rentals?

We are not a rental management company. We manage properties and if that property is occupied or used by a tenant, we can take care of the maintenance issues that your tenant might have.

Do you look for tenants?

We do not engage in leasing activities for any properties. We instead facilitate the movement of tenants once they have signed a lease, including check-ins and check-outs, cleanings and maintenance of the integrity of the property.
We do real-estate, we just facilitate access in the short term rentals, cleaning and report to you the integrity of the property.

As a client, how can i contact or make any request?

Once you sign on with us, a property supervisor will be assigned to your property that will oversee all aspects of managing your property. Whenever you have a request or question, you may call, e-mail, or text your supervisor and they will respond promptly once receiving the request

Do you need my approval for a repair cost?

We typically work with clients to determine a pre-set budget for repairs. Anything below this number, such as AC maintenance, or plumbing leaks, will be paid for and submitted. For anything above the pre-set amount, such as appliance repairs, we will discuss the issue and seek your approval before moving forward with the repair.

What is an Electronic Client Record?

An electronic client record is an electronic report that includes all the details of your property. This includes pictures and comments of any work performed at the property at your request. The report is emailed to clients as an attachment and includes a status recap of the property. Typically, the report is sent within 24 hours after the work is completed.

How do you handle a Hurricane?

In the event of a hurricane, we have a special hurricane services agreement available to clients. This agreement allows us to help you make your home as safe as possible, and to assist you in hurricane preparation. We also help with post-hurricane inspection and clean up.

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