IPC is a full service property management company here to provide you with an array of services to meet your needs and keep your home as you want it. We focus on luxury homes and condominiums, providing high-level, consistent service, unmatched by other service companies. Our services are offered at affordable hourly or monthly rates depending on your needs. Please contact us for more information regarding our fees

IPC House management is our services package for home management. We integrate a variety of services into a pay-by-month program that takes care of all your lifestyle needs for your home. We will assist with running errands to managing regular vendors that assist with maintenance such as landscaping, pool and pest control. We will also coordinate and grant access to other vendors you may need such as a plumber, electrician, or appliance repairman. To keep your property in perfect condition, we will work with you to create a customized checklist of what you’d like regularly maintained and then ensure these things happen. We have a maintenance person clean windows, pressure clean around the property, touch up paint, replace light bulbs, and do any small repairs the property needs to keep it up to your standard.

Details of this service include:

• A customized checklist of routine property maintenance activities to be completed every week by our handyman.

• Monitoring of regular work performed by vendors such as the pool company, landscaper and pest control.

• Coordination and management of repairs and maintenance personnel such as plumbers, electricians, IT technicians, the alarm company, or other personnel.

•Regular cleaning service to keep the property and grounds clean.

•Regular watch and routine checks for maintenance issues.

•Supervision of any non-routine home projects with external vendors to make sure the job is getting down correctly, efficiently, and to your standards.

•On call service, as needed for emergencies.

Our services package to manage your home

IPC Customer Assistance brings the service you need into the privacy of your home. Acting as a concierge or house manager, IPC can easily take care of tasks such as grocery shopping, picking up dry cleaning, delivering flowers, making reservations, vehicle maintenance, delivery acceptance, and so much more. We can also help with renovation and remodeling projects, including supervision of the work you expect to be accomplished by your contractor or designer and coordination of furniture and appliance reception. Whenever we are coordinating and accepting deliveries, we’ll conduct a visual inspection of the product and note any defects or damage and inform you. Please contact us to learn more about rates and to discuss your needs.

All of our home management services at an hourly rate.

At IPC Miami Beach, we employ and train our cleaning service team to ensure we deliver high quality services at all times. Whichever the frequency of your choosing is, we’ll make sure that your home is clean, tidy and ready for you. We oversee each job to make sure everything is conducted professionally and to ensure proper care was given to every piece of furniture and appliance. We also offer in and out of site laundry services and use high quality and environmentally friendly products.

• We create a customized check-list based on your property’s characteristics
• We tend to the smallest details
• We are aware of how highly regarded your home is to you so we make sure tohave all necessary gear prior to conducting any services.

Our professional housekeeping solution.

IPC Repair and Installation is an a la carte service available for coordination and management of repairs and installations in your home. We’ll coordinate with your repair or installation professional to provide access to your home or condo, remain on property to oversee the job or for larger jobs, return when completed to ensure the integrity of the house and secure the premises. We are not repair professionals but we’ll speak with the technician and make sure that the job was completed. If there are issues, we’ll contact you with potential solutions to resolve the problem quickly and efficiently.

Our repair professional coordination service

If you’re looking to perform renovations in your home, we are available to help oversee and manage the project at a fraction of the cost of a general contractor. We’ll work with you to understand the scope of the project, look for the rightvendors, and help see the project through. We can help you to organize and perform small projects you might want to do in your property, we can look for the right vendors fit your request to put together the project at a fraction of the cost of a general contractor.

Our small renovation project management offering

Short Term Rental Coordination services are designed for property owners overseas who want assistance managing the logistics and booking of short term rentals, including same day turnovers so that you can maximize your rental opportunities. We can assist with meeting new tenants, completing the welcome walk-through process, explaining how things work and outlining basic rules to help maintain the integrity of the property. At the end of the lease period, we conduct a full check of the site to ensure there was no damage and coordinate a cleaning of the premises. Our hotel-level cleaning service includes laundry, sheet change, clean towels and a refresh of basic amenities so that guests feel 100% satisfied. This service comes with a full report.
that we send to the owner of the property.

Our tenant turnover facilitation service.

IPC provides a monitoring service for absentee homeowners who feel safer having a watchful,
trusted person ensuring their property is safe and cared for. We’ll monitor your property while you’re away, conducting regular checksof the premises weekly, bi-weekly or at your request. We’ll work with you to create a checklist of what to mindful of and report backthe status, including any issues that arise during scheduled visits.


• Water Leaks (ceiling, windows and faucets)
• Bathroom fixture functionality
• Kitchen appliances status
• Sink observation
• Window and door integrity check
• Overall cleanliness
• Pest inspection
• Yard and Pool Status
• HVAC basic operation assessment (temperature benchmark)
• Hot water heater operation
• Power failure check
• Security system check
• Live plant assessment
• Smoke detector & extinguisher status
• Mail pick up and forwarding
• Mold examination

Our house and condo screening service.

We integrate a variety of services into a pay-by-month basis while we take care of your buildings needs based on its necessities. We will assist in buying supplies, scheduling staff, coordinating projects and managing vendors, among other duties, while overseeing each project for you. The result: your building being in top shape! We make sure to tend to the smallest details so that your building is clean and well kept year round. Services include but are not limited to trimming and watering plants, cleaning and general upkeep of common areas (stairs, garage, doorway, mail area, pool area), paint touch ups, minor repairs.


– Pool Leaks
– Garage area run-down
– Exit doors operation
– Power systems check (Electric room)
– Trash room
– Violations that may occur on building premises
– Mold examination
– Smoke detectors and fire extinguishers status
– Plant assessment
– Pest control inspection
– Windows and doors
– Mail area

Our building screening service.

At IPC Miami Beach, we offer services to protect your property from inclement weather events such as hurricanes and tropical storms. We provide extensive assistance prior and after all threats subside and most importantly, we stay when everyone else’s leaves!

– Creating a plan
– Gathering all needed supplies
– Securing your home & vehicles
– Test run generators (if applicable)
– Secure delicate art pieces

Our weather event services package.

We have created a new service in response to new health concerns called Detox Cleaning that consists of sanitizing by fogging with an EPA registered product. Just one application can kill allergy and disease-causing germs, fungi, mold, and mildew. This way you can rest assured that spaces in your property are thoroughly disinfected as it provides long lasting residual protection even after it has been applied. The fog can penetrate into hard to reach areas and leaves no residue, it has no odor and it is pet friendly. This service can be an add on to regular Cleaning Services or performed on its own.

Some benefits of sanitizing by fogging are:
• Kills Viruses
• Kills Bacteria
• Kills Fungi
• Prevents Mold formation
• Prevents Mildew formation
• Combats heavy odors

Our professional housekeeping solution.

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